At the heart of this approach is support for communities of local artisans, often women who have no other means of subsistence. Sasha, a fair trade organization based in Kolkata in West Bengal, works with us to empower, support and expand market opportunities for women in the community. Sasha supports over 100 groups of disadvantaged women and marginalized producers in rural and semi-urban areas of North East India. Women weave, another ethical organization based in Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh, is committed to poverty alleviation for over 100 women in central India. Another of our partners employs people with disabilities, to equip them with various skills to give them employment, but above all skills of confidence and dignity.

We believe that no handmade work is truly appreciated unless the person behind the craft is. Nimboo is proud to be associated with the artisan communities of India who live from their work, and seeks to improve the living conditions of the community by providing them with access to markets, decent living conditions and a better environment. of work and life.

SDG impact (sustainable development goals): 1: eradicate extreme poverty, 8: decent work and economic growth, 10: reduction of inequalities and 12: responsible production and consumption.

Nimboo thrives on an inclusive culture where teams work closely with us, and their passions and creative synergies align with ours.