"Beautiful organic materials, hand-woven, with a very pleasant touch and vegetable colors that hold well. I love the blue kimono, each piece is unique due to the flower prints on the belt which give it all its originality! Or how to be glamorous while preserving the planet!"

Nada Abou Faissal

"Beautiful products that are gentle on the planet, for its craftsmen and for your skin!! A beautiful story that these natural dyes with flowers recovered from Indian temples..."

Thibault Devanlay

"I really like good loungewear and the Nimboo kimono is really perfect! It makes me feel at home. The cut is elegant and comfortable at the same time. The quality is very good, the color and the shape remain good in the wash. I also have the silk scarf, easy to combine with different outfits, I wear it mostly in my hair. I also have the notebook, the paper is really good, a little thick, and I love the concept of recycled blankets!"

Monitoring Johanna Tuominen

"Gorgeous Nimboo - from the organic and fair trade production to the feel on the skin, everything is made to make you feel happy - I own a kimono and a scarf, both are quality staples in my wardrobe.
I can't wait to get my hands on many more Nimboo beauties!
The designer and artisans share their sense of beauty and simple craftsmanship with us, and the result is worth it - I can't recommend it highly enough! Elegance never goes out of style.
Choose Nimboo. "

Celine Bignon

"I love my Nimboo scarf! I love the colors and its softness. I feel like a Parisian. I'm proud to see such a durable and high quality brand become mainstream in the fashion market."

Jonna Jeurlink

"The temple scarf is beautiful. I love the floral pattern and the color which is a mix of apricot, mauve and blue. It goes really well with a navy coat that I have. I am delighted to knowing that the scarf is hand woven and naturally dyed makes it extra special."

Katie Anderson, United Kingdom

"An ethical and responsible French brand, transparent about its production process in India. How can you not love Nimboo?"

Adeline Borde, France

"The perfect touch makes Nimboo products special and the recycled cotton packaging looks great."

Nada Abou Faissal, Germany

"Thank you for making lasting art with a soul. I loved the contemporary design!"

Christine Bernard, Finland